Project examples


On our website main page we described some of the scopes we are dealing with. In order not to be abstract, we suggest you to take a look on some project examples which we implemented in the past. This will help to understand better what we are doing and how can we help you.

Developing plugins for GroupWise Hide
GroupWise plugin development

We were requested to create solution integrating GroupWise with the Avaya video conferencing system and Cisco telephony services.

The idea was for the GroupWise client users to be able to create video-conference meetings directly in GroupWise and to be able to make phone calls just by clicking on the contact icon inside GroupWise.

Our solution was developing GroupWise plugins. The first one was communicating with Avaya for creating conferences and the other one was communicating with Cisco-side using SIP protocol.

Collecting and producing call statistics for Cisco-based call-center Hide
Software for collecting Cisco call center statistic

Our client, owning a Cisco-based call center, wanted to have a measurement of the amount of incoming calls in real time in a simple view. Each manager of the call-center wanted to be able to receive these statistics quickly and easily.

Our solution was building a service that could communicate with Cisco VoIP converter.

Managers of the call operators were given our custom-developed applications that retrieve, in real-time, the number of calls that are reaching the converter. Also, the service runs periodic tasks, requesting the converter's statistic for each configurable period of time.

This gave the ability to provide load history to predict the load in future.

Even though Cisco gives the opportunity to create load diagrams and to form statistics, that requires access to the infrastructure.

The goal was to give a solution for the low-level managers to get needed information as soon as possible while, at the same time, giving only required functionality.

Managing Office 365 users and subscriptions Hide
Solution for managing Office 365 subscriptions

Our client requested functionality that would allow them to create users in a cloud and to assign licenses automatically.
It was possible to run Azure AD Connect to accomplish the tasks of synchronizing users, but that could not allow users to get licensed.

The idea was to improve the process and to assign certain type of licenses based on the internal rules of the organization.

Our solution was based on periodic tasks, checking given Organization Units and connecting to the cloud to check and apply licenses.
After Azure AD Connect performed user sync, users were getting created in the cloud and the licensing task could be performed.