Microsoft-based solutions
To reach the goal
we use the most
suitable technologies
Other solutions

Microsoft-based solutions

Windows processes automation.
Performing complex scheduled tasks, utilities programming.
Data processing solutions.

Automating routine Active Directory tasks.
Managing AD objects.
Scheduled tasks programming, exporting and importing objects Active Directory.
Moving and synchronizing Active Directory objects between other systems.

Automating Microsoft Exchange tasks.
Scheduled tasks.
User management, automatic control of Office 365 licenses.
Workflow executions.

Monitoring events and alerting.
Who accessed, viewed, modified certain
Tracking critical events for infrastructure and business.
Performing various actions in response to certain events occurrence.

Working with system resources and hardware.
Monitoring system events and hardware.
Programming actions in response to using specific hardware.

Other solutions and integrations

Working with *NIX systems.
Programming routine tasks (.NET Core, C ++, Python).
Communication with Microsoft Windows systems.

Working with network equipment and
automation tasks
including accessing SSH or API in
automatic mode.

Working with Cisco hardware.
Communication with various API, data exchange with Microsoft systems.
Systems based on Novel.
Creating converters between GroupWise and Outlook.
Integrating GroupWise with third-party software.

Asterisk. Communication with Microsoft-based systems,
data exchange, sending commands, remote
actions calling.

To reach the goal, we can offer different solutions - starting from simple and ending with technically complicated, but still easy-to-use solutions that help to increase the efficiency of your business.