GroupWise plugin development

Developing GroupWise add-ons for your business

Making GroupWise even better by adding new functionality that solves your particular tasks

Custom GroupWise add-ons help to extend standard GroupWise functionality, adding exactly that functionality which is required for your business. Also, using these add-ons is a good way to integrate GroupWise with any third-party software. This approach significantly increases productivity and reduces the amount of work time your employees spend doing routine tasks.

Using add-ins also works in reverse scenarios. Using GroupWise API, it is possible to use the GroupWise features in other software solutions or products. This approach simplifies interaction with GroupWise.

Our expertise is creating GroupWise add-ons and using GroupWise API:

Extend functionality of GroupWise Client. Adding new features to GroupWise Client makes it possible to integrate third-party software.

Integrate with GroupWise Client user interface. We make our plugins accessible from either the GroupWise standard menu or its control panel.

Develop stand-alone software that integrates with GroupWise functionality and can use GroupWise features.

Integrate GroupWise with third-party software and solutions. If the third-party software supports add-ons, we can make it using GroupWise functionality right inside the user interface.

If you have any questions regarding GroupWise add-on development, please contact us.

We were asked to create a plugin that integrated GroupWise with the video conferencing system. The idea was for GroupWise Client users to be able to create video conference meetings directly within GroupWise. Our solution to this was to develop a GroupWise add-on that allows users to create a video conference as simply as pushing the button within the GroupWise interface. The GroupWise Client add-on, in its turn, goes to the video conferencing system, starts the meeting, and creates the link that anyone can use to join. After all, this link is getting sent to selected GroupWise contacts.


We were asked to create a plugin for GroupWise that could interact with third-party software which, in its turn, could make calls using Cisco VOIP. We created an add-on that was placed inside the GroupWise Client user interface. When the user selects a contact from the address book, a button appears in the user interface that allowed to pass required information for the third-party software and creates the call immediately.